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Very Troubled Child – Wishlist

The Darjeeling Bag™ number 4 | $490 (without initials)


The Royal Tenenbaums, the Richie Tenenbaum “The Baumer” T-Shirt | $29.90


A set of two Special Edition Darjeeling Cases for iPhone 4/5/6/6+ | $49.90


Moonrise Kingdom, Suzy Bishop’s notebook | $15.90


4 Stickers inspired by The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou | $9.90


I am a massive Wes Anderson fan. I think that his films are beautiful, quirky, stylistically amazing, and just all round ace. The stories he portrays in his films intrigues me, his attention to detail from costume to character to set inspires me. So, when I was shown Very Troubled Child, I was very very excited.

Very Trouble Child are a relatively new design brand to the market (2013) based in Hong Kong. Their collection includes bags, phone cases, notebooks, and more all inspired by the works of Wes Anderson. All designed, photographed, and hand made by A.F. Although his products are not associated with Wes Anderson or 20th Century Fox, I would say they deserve to be! All the prices are in $’s but you can easily pay through Paypal.

I have chosen a few of their items that I absolutely adore and NEED to have, especially the Darjeeling Limited Bag number 4. What do you think of them? Are they something that you would buy?

Tom x

[All photos were taken from the Very Troubled Child website]