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Two Cubed Creative

Posts like this usually start with ‘So…’, So…You know I’ve mentioned about my company a few times on here? Yeah, well we rebranded.  In February of this year we began trading as Two Cubed Creative.

It’s something that as soon as I set up the company in 2015, I knew would inevitably have to do, but didn’t have the time to sit down and properly create a brand. Alas as we passed our first birthday last year, I knew that the name had to change. Business was good and more and more people seem interested but our name was holding us back.

“Nobody could pronounce tgudgeon|media.”

It sounds daft, but the amount of times that we would turn up for shoots, answer the phone, be at networking events and people would have to give our name a second look was absurd – we had to do something about it.

With 4 months of development and a lot of planning, we came up with Two Cubed Creative. We have been trading under that name for 3 months now. It’s so bizarre how much of a difference it has made – having the right identity.

It would be rad if you could check out our site, watch our stuff, subscribe to our channel, follow us on Twitter and give us some feedback.

If you want to know more about the process, what we do and that sort of stuff let me know.

Tom x