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Our Creative Meeting Space & Coffee Station

The irony of this post is that I drafted it about two months ago, then two weeks ago we moved…

I’m really proud of the little creative space that we called the home of Two Cubed Creative. I’d love to show you around.We had been in our first office for just over a year. It took us pretty much most of the duration to perfect how it looked and how we worked in it. I’ll be honest, I’m a man who likes to move things around…a lot. That kind of worked in our favour for us as it wasn’t the largest office in the world. We were able to develop new ideas and put them into action with the end result being, if I do say so myself, an awesome open creative space.

We wanted our space to feel different for everyone that came to visit us.

The room was divided up into three key areas: our desk space where the edits happened, our creative meeting space where we sat with clients to chat all things video, and most importantly the coffee station.

There’s a bit of a colour theme running throughout the office, red being the prominent colour (inspired by our logo). We used black, white and pine wood for most of the furniture. Borrowing most of IKEA’s stock we bought that Scandinavian feel to our office. We weren’t keen on buying a load of obligatory office furniture, we wanted our space to feel different for everyone that came to visit us.

Showing off the clients that we’ve worked with is something we love, so we created a wall dedicated them. Having these on show was a nice reminder of all the cool projects we’ve worked on. It was a great conversation started and it looked pretty rad too.

Our picture wall, behind the coffee station, was another of my favourite elements of our first office space. It was a nice reminder of some of the amazing work, and people, that we have worked on and with. It bought the plain white wall to life. Each picture has a different story and again was a great conversation starter for new clients, friends and colleagues that visited.

What do you think of how we built our first space? We really liked it, but I tell you what, we like our new space even more. It’d be great to hear what you think of the space and how you may, or may not, have done things differently.