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thisisground – Wishlist

Browsing through the interwebs a week or so ago, I stumbled across the thisisground website, and one of their specific products – the Mod Laptop 2 – the second I saw it I knew I wanted it, the only pitfall being it is $399.

The Mod Laptop 2, is basically a fully customisable case for your daily essentials. Beautiful leather, available in a tonne of colours, makes the perfect protection for your laptop with the benefit of a canvas pocket which is ‘tailored to your tablet’. The Mod case is also fitted with super strong magnets that allow you to add other Mod inserts, ‘which offer generous housings for your power adapter, cords, pens, pencils, stylus, notepads, phone, hard drive, battery pack, glasses, cards, and currency.’

With so many customisable elements, this case is kind of a dream – you can fit it together exactly how you want it for each individual day. Need your hands free? Add the leather strap that tidies away into the back of the case. Need a place to put your pens and pencils? Add a Mod insert. The cases are form fitted to handle the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air lines, they also fit lots of other devices. See the complete list.


Check out the thisisground collections page to see some of the other products they have to offer. They have some really cool bags, cable accessories and such a variety of different tech cases. There is also a cool video about the Mod Laptop 2 below too:

The Mod Laptop 2 is definitely on my wishlist, will it be on yours?

Tom x

[This post is in no way affiliated with thisisground. All photos were taken from the thisisground website]