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This Bearded Life

This Bearded Life 1

This Bearded Life. I’m a bearded man, so when I heard about the release of this book I jumped at the chance to get a copy early – it is now out and available from most good book stores. It’s full of tidbits, snaps, beard facts, a beardy calendar and some snazzy photos & design – what more could you want?

This Bearded Life 2

This Bearded Life 3

This Bearded Life 4

This Bearded Life 5

“Beard or no beard? This may seem like a trivial question but it reveals fundamental insight into the masculine mind. Beards have been worn by men since the first civilisations, and with the passing of time have become distinctive male traits that look good, add gravitas and denote a certain class.”

Today, the beard is a fashion accessory. Having a beard is more than just having a beard, it’s a way of life a lifestyle choice.

The book is absolutely beautiful, its filled to the brim with wicked illustrations, bearded icons, tips and tricks for those who have chosen the bearded life, the previously mentioned bearded calendar and, of course, what is a bearded book without a facial hair glossary?!

Is 14 mentions of beard enough?

I’d class this as a pretty rad coffee table book, although it’s not something I refer back to enough as a bearded bible. If you like cool design, great photography and are all about that bearded life then choose this book.

You can find it on Amazon here.

I want to make a quick apology about the tardiness of this post. Having had blog issues for the past 6 months, it’s been a  pain! Expect a long stream of back dated (ish) posts over the next few weeks.

Tom x

[All photos were taken on my iPhone 6s and edited in VSCOcam]