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The Year of Mindfulness

I ended 2017 knowing that I wanted to become more mindful. In terms of my finances, my behaviours, my actions and so on. So 2018 is going to be The Year of Mindfulness.

I’m usually someone who is pretty mindful, but more mindful of others than myself. In 2018 I plan (and am actually acting on) changing that. Taking more time for myself, thinking of the consequences of my actions – ‘do I really need to buy a plastic bottle?’ – and generally just being more proactive with my thinking.

It’s not only with material things, but I want to be more mindful of my physical and mental health – have a bit more ‘me‘ time (not necessarily alone); get fitter, practice yoga and develop my reading and my desire to write (albeit not to the highest standard).

I plan to document my experiences, share my thoughts and what I’ve been putting into action and developing here.

Whilst Lucy and I were in Guernsey, I stumbled upon a magazine called Breathe, it’s fast become one of my favourite magazines. Stripped of the consumer lead adverts and focusing on wellbeing, creativity and mindfulness. I’ve picked up a few tips from it and have no doubt that I will be subscribing. 

I’ve also stated a bullet journal this year, I’ll definitely write a separate blog post about this, and that has aided with me becoming more mindful. I’m keeping better track of the tasks that I need to do, and I’m also logging memorable experiences, actions and so on. It’s been quite interesting and I hope that I can last the whole year…and more.

Do you feel like you are a mindful person? Could you be more mindful?

Here’s to 2018 being a more mindful, memorable and successful year.

Tom x