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The Darkest Truth About Love

The Darkest Truth About Love (Alone)

“You are irredeemably, Alone.”

A couple of weeks back, Little White Lies posted a link to a short animated movie, produced by Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee. The animation is quirky, short, sweet, and emotive. Its a simple idea conveyed superbly. The animation was created for The School of Life, and was based on a short piece of writing by Alain De Botton. It is a really powerful video, that I imagine a lot of people can relate to, for just shy of 2 minutes. I adore the style, simplicity and emotions that the piece evokes.

Hannah Jacobs has worked with Tom Rosenthal (the guy who did the music for the movie) on other projects, including his official music video for “It’s Ok”, it’s worth checking out if you enjoyed this movie, or you like Tom Rosenthal’s music.

Jacobs┬ávisual style is really unique, I’m a fan. What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy it?

Tom x

[Picture was taken from the Little White Lies website: source]