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Tesla: Wishlist

Oh, how original, how new. It’s like no one else has ever written about their desire to own a Tesla. Wait a second, they have?! Well, let me join the club.

I can’t remember how I was introduced to Tesla, Space X, the Boring Company and the world of Elon Musk. It may have been YouTuber Marques Brownlee (better known as MKBHD), or it could have been an episode of Fully Charged. Wherever it was and whoever it was, thank you. Thank you for giving me, the what seems impossible, goal of owning my very own Tesla.

But what Tesla hear your cry (said nobody ever), well the Model S, of course. But not just the Model S, but the P100D – the top of the line model. I say, if you’re going to have a goal you may as well set the bar high.

There is something about Tesla’s. Okay, they probably aren’t yet the most practical cars. For example, in the Model 3 that has just come out, you have to navigate through a few pages on the touch screen to open the glove compartment…where is the logic? Yet for some reason, the appeal of a Tesla is still strong.

I think what is most important to me, at least I think so, is the fact that this car is electric. Let’s face it, electric, or at least hybrid, cars are the future. They’re becoming faster, more powerful, and cheaper as technology improves.

Tesla is also one of the big dogs in the battery business, and I am a huge advocate for finding new, safe ways to store energy. Batteries are one of the only technologies that are holding the development of other technologies back i.e mobile phones, computers, green energy, the list goes on…

I think as much as this is about owning a fancy car, it’s also about owning more technology that can enable me to live a greener more efficient life – being more mindful of not only my own wellbeing but the worlds (big goal, I know). Joining the Tesla ecosystem. Why not throw in the solar panels and a¬†powerwall¬†to the mix? As I said, all in.

One day, maybe, I’ll purchase myself a Tesla (and some solar panels and a powerwall and a trip to space). In the meantime, I can dream, right?