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Bourne Mill

Now, this is what you call a delayed blog post. We visited Bourne Mill back in the September (of last year now!) and it’s taken me until now, January 2018, to actually get around (find the time) to write any form of words about it. It’s been a crazy 7 months since my last post, I promise.

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2017 so far, In Photos

Tom Gudgeon In Photos 1I thought I would revisit one of my blogs old series; In Photos. I really enjoyed throwing some images from the past month together and creating a narrative of the month in a post, so, I am brining it back. This first one is from New Years Day, Lucy was pretty wrecked, so was Lady..

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The Liebster Award + 20 Facts

Tom Gudgeon

I was tagged by the lovely Jess Wreford to share 20 facts about myself, as well as being nominated (by Jess again) for the Liebster Award – to write 11 facts about myself – so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and combine to two posts together. Firstly I would like to say thank you to Jess and more importantly direct you to her blog, Twitter and Instagram. She is one of my favourite bloggers and she posts *the* best snaps of food! This post is a bit away from the topic and theme of my blog, but I thought as I am relatively new to the blogging game I would take part and share some (probably very uninteresting) facts about myself with you.

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