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Stary Electric Skateboard : Wishlist

Okay, so everyone knows about Boosted Boards, the hype that is electric skateboards. The cool new fad to save on exerting any energy skating yourself, have an electric motor do it for you. I stumbled upon a Kickstarter, page last week, for a new electric skateboard – STARY.

This is the first innovative masterpiece from STARY’s Team: an E-board featuring an in-wheel powering system and embedded battery. A beast that can conquer any type of road, and a newly designed commuting device that brings a brand new perspective to the world of transportation. It is more than just a simple tool; it brings both joy and excitement to the new lifestyle that we all thrive for. Order now to experience our cutting-edge technology, The Stary Electric Board.

Unlike boosted board, the Stary electric board is powered by an in-wheel motor, it can reach speeds on 18.6mph and I WANT and NEED one. I have been desperate to get my hands on an electric skateboard for yonks, alas haven’t made the plunge. The Stary electric board may change my mind, however. For just shy of $900, its expensive, but you (I assume) get what you pay for, just a browse of their website and store gets me very excited.

It’s a light as hell board, speedy, high tech and beautifully designed skateboard, what more could you want?

Would you buy an electric skateboard? Do you think they’re worth the hype?

Tom x

[All photos take from the STARY website]