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Slick Revolution: Wishlist

Now, if you know me, you know I love a good skateboard. I own four boards. However, I don’t yet own an electric skateboard. It was, of course, Casey Neistat who first introduced me to the concept of an electric skateboard (boosted boards), alas to my dismay they don’t ship to the UK. So, I found Stary, an Asia board that possibly out does the Boosted. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to ride one of these yet either. And now, I have found a 100% UK electric skateboard, that looks pretty s(l)ick…

The specs of the Max-Eboard look incredible. Decent speeds, and up hill. Range of 12.4 miles. Dust and splash proof. Fast recharge time and regenerative electric brakes. Solid build base, and, I mean it’s an electric skateboard – what more do you want?

I desperately need to get my hands on an electric board, and this one may well top the, now lengthy, electric skateboard wishlist. What are your thoughts? If only I had a spare £539.00 to hand, I’d be buying one this Black Friday weekend.

Tom x

[All the snaps were taken from the Slick Revolution site]