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A Short Trip to Guernsey

I had no intention of throwing together a post about my trip to Guernsey with Lucy, alas I snapped a few pictures on a number of wintery walks, and thought I’d share them on here.

Guernsey is an absolutely beautiful place, it’s Lucy’s home and I love to visit. We were over in January/February and it’s taken me this long to get this post up!

We went over for a late Christmas celebration with Lucy’s parents, a bit of a break and a rest. However me being me, I was still working whilst we were there…I just can’t help myself.

If you’ve never visited the Channel Islands before, and have been curious, I’d definitely recommend a visit. There are loads of things to do, places to visit and so on, bit I’d come for the tranquility. The small island vibe, the beautiful scenery and the sea – what more do you need? It’s somewhere to visit to blow the cobwebs away, clear your mind and relax.

“..beautiful scenery and the sea”

Whilst out there, I actually redesigned my blog. I loved the old design of my blog, but it wasn’t feeling right anymore and I wanted to spruce it up a bit, going back to basics. I wanted something clean and minimal with a focus on the content – with that the intention of producing more content through 2017. Which I am finally doing!

I’m working on developing the content on my blog. I’ve got a few posts lined up and ideas for others, but I want to move away from the journalistic type post. I want to focus on experiences, things that are real and happening in my life. I want to share more on what I do outside of this blog, what I get up to on a regular basis. More importantly I want to share more of what I’m interested in; for example the longboard wishlist…

Tom x

[All the snaps were taken on my iPhone 6s, nothing fancy]