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Second coffee themed post within two weeks…I promise there isn’t a theme here.

Okay, so if it isn’t already apparent, I love coffee. I recently discovered Pact Coffee from a leaflet in GQ in which they were offering your first 250g bag of coffee for £1, how could I turn that down? I did a little bit of research, and found that over at Pact, they are pretty passionate about getting people in the UK drinking the best quality coffee, by making “incredible, freshly roasted coffee accessible to everyone.” They source their coffee from all over the world, and roast the coffee beans in small batches creating a fresher, tastier roast for each coffee blend. When you order Pact coffee they give you the option of how you want your beans ground, if at all, meaning that no matter how you make your coffee you’ll be able to get the best result. Check out their list of coffee that they have available here, you’ll also be able to see what coffee brewing equipment they can grind your beans for. On top of all that Pact Coffee is delivered straight to your door every week or every fortnight (with next day delivery too), from just £6.95 for 250g of coffee.

Now, onto the coffee itself. We ordered three different blends of coffee to my house; San Antonio – Chocolate digestives, El Carmen – A Jammie Wagon Wheel, and another that I can’t recall the name of but was Fig and Date. The names/flavours may sound bizarre to you, but I can assure you, they are far from strange and a heck of a lot closer to brilliant. All three blends, brewed in a Cafetiere, tasted amazing, varying from a slightly richer darker roast to a sweet roast, I couldn’t recommend them enough. If you click on each of the coffee names above you can read a much more professional insight into the taste of each brew!

I would definitely recommend checking out Pact Coffee, it is worth spending that little bit more to get a much better product. At the time of this post going out they have a brilliant starter offer going on – click here for more info.

(This post was in no way affiliated with Pact Coffee)

Tom x

[All photos were taken on my iPhone 5 or my Canon EOS 450D, and edited with VSCOcam, After Light, and PS]