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New Site, New Style, New Theme on the iPad

New look on the iPad on the iPad

New Look on the iPad on the iPad

New Look on the iPad

New Sidebar

New Sidebar

Blogging has always been something that has interested me, ever since I started using the internet. Having a place where I could write down my ideas, share my youtube videos, and make new friends, lead to me fall in love with the power of sharing and posting about your interests on the web. Thus, I am finally taking the step into starting a new styled blog for myself, focusing on photography and subject matters that I care about and adore – all with the intention of keeping the posts frequent and of good quality.

I have completely re-designed the site from its previous versions. I have had the domain for this blog for an eternity, however I have finally decided to utilise it rather than leaving it stagnant with just my basic contact details on show and not much else. I plan, as I mentioned earlier, to keep the posts as frequent as possible, on the topics that I love. The majority of the categories that I hope to cover at some point in time with this blog include; Travel (I have a trip across Europe and a trip to New Zealand planned, and I want to share that journey with you!), Food, Film (and Television too, considering that was my specialist area at University!), Lifestyle and Fashion, and as many fancy coffee’s as I can find.

All of the photographs on my blog at the moment are taken with my iPhone 5, however, as soon as I return home I shall be getting back on the photography game with my Canon DSLR, with every intention to share some of my work with you guys.

I really hope that you enjoy the content of this blog, your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated! During these early stages it would be ace to hear your ideas and suggestions for the blog and topics for posts too.

Tom x