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May in Photos









First things first, Welcome to my blog. I am back (again) this time with my mind set on what I want this blog to become and with plenty of ideas of posts and content for publishing.

To start things off, on this new look, new style, new theme, blog I am going to post a few pictures, at the end of each month, from my Instagram account, along with a little blurb and update of what’s been going on.

May has been a pretty standard month for me (thus ever more exciting for you!), I finished my final year at the University of Lincoln after handing in my last projects in the first week, it has been an exhausting yet enjoyable three years at Lincoln, I have met loads of brilliant people who I hope to keep in contact with. As soon as I had handed in my last projects, I was straight off home where I took full advantage of having no work and spent the majority of my time chilling out and relaxing! The main reason I travelled back home was to help out running the kitchen for a charity event that happens in my local village. This entailed preparing a ‘three course’ meal for 100 people, per night, over four nights. This was absolutely exhausting, and after cooking lasagne every night, I think it is safe to say lasagne will not be on the menu for a while! After helping out at the charity event, I had a decent amount of time to spend with my Mum, little brother, and a few friends which was great after being away from home for 2 semesters. May ended with a trip up to my Dads (which was ace), some decorating and then returning to Lincoln for the last month.


[All the pictures were taken on my iPhone 5, and edited with VSCOcam.]