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Keep Your Chin Up!









During these, sometimes, beautiful British summer months a hot coffee isn’t always what you want to sip on, especially when you’re on the go or out and about. An Iced Coffee however, is more than likely what you’d want. Rather than looking at the big brands, I wanted to try out something home grown – Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Jimmy has been causing a stir in the Iced Coffee biz here in the UK, after a visit to Australia and falling in love with the stuff it was Jim that bought “proper” Iced Coffee to the UK. It was 2011 when Jimmy’s first hit the shelf in Selfridges (of all places!) and now, 2014, the Iced Coffee of your dreams is stocked in Tesco express, Waitrose, WH Smiths, Waitrose, and many other stores across the UK.

I’m a massive coffee fan, and I have to say that Jimmy’s is hands down one of my favourite Iced Coffee brands. It is a super yummy, thick and creamy coffee with just the right amount of froth, made with Arabica Coffee and semi-skimmed milk, perfectly sweetened with demerara sugar – a taste sensation (Original). I couldn’t rate this coffee highly enough, it is perfect for a summers day (whether its hot or cold out), and different from all the other Iced Coffee’s on the market. At the moment Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is available in Original, Skinny and Decaf but if you follow Jimmy on Twitter you’ll know that new flavours are on their way – and I personally cannot wait.

Check out Jimmy’s website here, follow him on Twitter and go and buy yourself some awesome Iced Coffee!

(This post is in no way affiliated with Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, I just love the stuff!)

Tom x
[All photos were taken on my iPhone 5 or my Canon EOS 450D, and edited with VSCOcam and PS]