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January In Photos


With January being the month that everyone starts their ‘New Years Resolutions’, and probably fail them, I am trying to continue my Goals for 2015, rather than resolutions. I thought the change of name would aid in me actually sticking to them and completing them. I’ve only set myself a few goals for this year, and taking them nice and steady rather than trying to complete them all within the first few months of the year! And, all seems to be going well so far *touch wood*.

January has been a pretty decent month for me, I have started a few new projects with work that I am excited for, I am exercising pretty much everyday (nothing too hardcore just yet though), I am trying to stick to my blog and keep consistent uploads, and I am drinking a ridiculous amount of green tea. I also passed my theory driving test this month and am ready for my practical, I just need to buy a car now… A lot of the pictures from this month as of food (can you blame me?), a #tb to my trip to New Zealand, a couple of shots of Cereal magazine (posts on both coming soon!), and a few snaps of where I go on my daily walks. But, no selfies this month, haha!

February is set to be a good month, I have a lot planned and I am actually starting these new projects for work which is exciting. I am also working on a few new projects for this blog too so stick around! I hope your February is a good one!

Tom x

[All photos are from my Instagram feed, and were taken on my iPhone 5 or my Canon EOS 450D, and edited with VSCOcam, After Light, and PS]