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Interior Design Ideas

On a quiet bank holiday Monday I found myself browsing YouTube, watching cat video after cat video until I stumbled upon something different, something that caught my attention and inspired me to plan some DIY. HomeMade Modern. Interior Design Ideas for the future.

I absolutely love the minimalist look. I don’t quite live by it, but I am as close as I can be living with Lucy… However, having now stumbled upon HomeMade Modern, I think it is time to simplify our way of life a little bit, refine it as it is already.

Ben, from HMM, has really inspired me with some of his creations. I love the fact that he uses lego for moulds (for that coffee dripper), with amazing results. I might not get round to the concrete countertop, but I may well give the other designs a go.

“..he uses lego…with amazing results”

There is something special about the idea of building something as beautiful as some of the stuff Ben creates. I’ve tried my hand at DIY, albeit with no plan but just an idea to repurpose my brothers old bed into a coffee table. I was successful, but if I could start a fresh, I’d definitely change the design.

My favourite of the HMM bunch has to be the standing desk. Although it may be simple in its design and build, the fact that it is still adjustable is what grabs my attention. Save that £400+ for a pre-built one, I’m going to build one myself.

Have you seen HMM before? Do you do much DIY?

You must check out HomeMade Modern on YouTube and on their site, it will be well worth you time and a browse for some inspiration.

Tom x

[All snaps are taken from the HomeMade Modern website]