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One of my good friends from University, George of Sadhana Illustration, has to be one of the most talented graphic artists that I have been fortunate enough to stumble across in the past few years.

George and myself lived together during our first year at uni, and I spent a fair amount of time looking through his work and watching him create these, in my opinion, masterpieces. George and I share a love for Wes Anderson movies, the second image on this post is of the two main characters from one of his films; Moonrise Kingdom. For his uni projects, and for his own projects George has created a number of different stories and characters, the images that follow the Wes Anderson characters are a few of my favourites from George’s blog.

Rather than me trying to articulate George’s passion and story, I asked him a few questions:

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m going through a kind-of transitional phase where I keep making changes to my style whilst making sure that I don’t deviate too far from what I started with. I’m working on a few of my own stories at the moment, the hard part for me is trying not to get too deep with the narrative (I have a tendency to get a little dark/spooky with my storytelling, I blame 90’s cartoons).

What is your inspiration?

More than anything I’m inspired by mystery, it’s a theme that keeps popping up in my work, often without me intending it. I like to give my characters subtle facial features that don’t give too much away. Aesthetically speaking, I’m inspired by textural, gritty work and anything that makes good use of simple shapes. M.Sasek’s work immediately comes to mind (I love his desaturated colours and use of negative space).

What is your drawing process?

My process is mainly digital, I work with photoshop and a set of brushes i’ve customised over the course of my university career. Like the majority of other illustrators I carry a handy sketchbook with me just in case I get a sudden burst of inspiration or need to jot some ideas down. I use fine-tip pens (hate smudging with a passion!).

George’s work is really really worth checking out and exploring further, the pieces that I have featured in this post are some of my favourites, but George has tonnes more over on his site. He is super talented and I adore his style, attention to detail, passion, and incredible art work! Go give him a follow on Twitter, or check out more of his art work on his blog!

Tom x

[All pictures were taken from Sadhana Illustrations website]