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My Hand Luggage Essentials


As you may be aware, if you follow me on Twitter, I have recently returned from a month long trip to New Zealand. It was an absolutely amazing trip and I had some pretty wicked experiences out there. Rather than talk about what I got up to – as that is coming in a number of posts soon – I am going to share with you a few of my essential items for traveling to the other side of the planet.

My journey was pretty long, so comfort, and weight were pretty important, as well as having enough gadgets to keep me occupied for my 36hour journey. I took all my gear across the globe in a really sturdy rucksack made by Jeep. It only cost me £20, and it is a really decent bag with plenty of pockets, as well as being comfortable to carry. The most important item I took was of course my iPhone 5, for keeping in contact with people, posting photos to Instagram, and sharing my journey with everyone. I had it unlocked so that I could use in in NZ, because unfortunately O2 charges through the roof for using your phone in New Zealand. For the purpose of my blog, and because I am slowly getting back into photography, I also took my Canon 450D and my 50mm lens. I loved snapping pictures whilst I was away and over the four weeks that I was out in New Zealand I took over 2000 photos!

Another key item I took with me was my MacBook Pro, whilst having an iPhone is fine whilst I was on the go, I had my Mac to do; a bit of work, upload my photos, and to keep in touch with my family. My Toshiba 1TB Hard drive was another essential, as my Mac soon ran out of storage (with all the photos I was taking), I also put a couple of movies and TV shows on there before I flew out to keep me occupied when I was waiting in the number of Airports I had stopovers in. On top of having my iPhone and my MacBook I took my iPad along for the ride too, perfect for browsing and watching movies on the go, however ancient it is (It’s a first generation to all those who were wondering!).

Although technology is clearly the most important aspect of my hand luggage, having a pen and notebook is crucial for me. I always like to keep a record of what I have been up to, and to have somewhere to scribble down stuff when inspiration hits. Reading has never really been something that I have been passionate about, however after receiving my Kindle for Christmas a couple of years ago, reading seems to be something I find myself doing a lot more (when the internet is down). I also took my Penny board with me, as New Zealand is famous for hills (mountains) and long, empty roads. A mini deodorant and Fudge Fat Head gel are other necessities for long haul journeys!

Unfortunately I didn’t have my brothers Bose headphones to hand when I was taking these pictures, however I did take both a pair of Apple headphones and a pair of Around-ear Bose Noise Cancelling headphones on the trip which proved very useful on the plane. I only really like headphones that fit Around-ear rather than those that sit on your ear, mainly for comfort and better audio quality (I really want a set of these for myself). A mini adapter for a normal headphone jack to an airplane headphone jack was ideal too as it meant that I could get the best quality audio on the plane when I was watching movies and the like.

This was my first big trip abroad so I am sure that these essentials will change with better, more practical and cooler stuff as I continue exploring the world and traveling on more adventures. I hope you enjoyed this post, and be sure to check back for my posts on everything I got up to in New Zealand over the next few weeks. Let me know in the comments what your travel essentials are, and whether there is anything in particular that you can’t leave home/the country without?

Tom x

[All photos were taken on my iPhone 5 or my Canon EOS 450D, and edited with VSCOcam, After Light, and PS]

Ps. These are the first photos I have edited in Lightroom, I didn’t have the best lighting to work with, what do you think of the final result?