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Elvis & Kresse – Wishlist


Overnight Bag


Billfold Wallet

Note Book

MacBook Case



Recently, the guys over at Elvis & Kresse got in contact with me and asked me to write a few words about their products, what I love about them and which of their beautifully crafted accessories I would want to own. So, without further ado here we go. My favourites include a variety of the products that they have on offer from the smart  little key rings to the Overnight Bag (which I really really want!!), to the coffee bag MacBook case! Click on any of the images and that’ll take you to their site.

Elvis & Kresse are a British brand, making products from genuine decommissioned London fire-hoses – pretty cool huh? Their mission is “to transform waste into luxurious, hardwearing & long-lasting utility design, and give back; 50% of our profits go to charities related to our raw materials.” So not only are they making beautiful products, but they are giving back to a number of charities across the UK including the Fire Fighters Charity, Help for Heroes, Comic Relief! They have a really good explanation into their reasoning behind giving half of their profits to charity on their website, it is definitely worth a read here.

I really really like the design of the Elvis & Kresse products that are pictures above, there is something special about a product that is made from a recycled material. The design process isn’t as easy as creating a design and building it, it is a matter of “transform[ing] waste [to] make it desirable and useful; something you would want even if it were not recycled, even without the ethics.” These words are taken from the Elvis & Kresse team, they go on to say that their products “…are honest, genuine, practical pieces; hand-made and unique. They are designed and made to last a lifetime. Hence, we focus on quality craftsmanship and classic, timeless design.” – personally, to me, that short sentence includes all the words you want to hear from a company producing products of this stature, quality, and beauty.

If you want to read more about Elvis & Kresse, their products, the process behind their products and a little story about them, click here. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on some of their products in the near future!

(Elvis & Kresse got in contact with me and asked me to write a post about their products, I really like the concept of their brand so wrote this wish list post)

Tom x

[All photos were taken from the Elvis & Kresse website]