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Back to Guernsey

Back to Guernsey 1I saw in 2018 in Guernsey in the company of my wonderful girlfriend, Lucy, and two of our pals; Heather and Conor. Drinking wine and eating cheese – how very middle class.

As a change to our Christmas celebrations last year, we decided to postpone our Guernsey trip until New Years. Lucy’s parents were both working over the festive period and it didn’t really make any sense us making our way over to spend the time…alone. We ended up spending Christmas with my Pa and bros which was ace.

[Okay, I know I’m talking about Christmas and New Years and it is almost the end of February, but give me a break]

We arrived in Guernsey to a miserable rainy welcome Рour past two trips to the channel islands were much the same. Alas, the channel islands are beautiful come rain or shine.Back to Guernsey 2

It was lovely to spend some time with Lucy’s rents, eating and drinking far too much. Some would argue that that is what the festive season is all about – I wouldn’t disagree. We were treated to copious amounts of food – the highlight of which was the roast duck dinner that Lucy’s Ma prepared for us, or the full English breakfast.

We don’t often spend time with Lucy’s family, so it was really nice to spend some time catching up and just spending some time together. Alas, this year that may well change as her rents are planning to move to good old blighty.

Back to Guernsey 3

Back to Guernsey 4

Back to Guernsey 5

We didn’t really get up to much whilst we were over there, Lucy and I were actually looking forward to a bit of a break and a rest. We visited St Peter Port a few times and Lucy sorted through all her old stuff with a view to throw a tonne away. To my surprise, she actually managed to chuck a load of stuff out. This gave me the opportunity to read my book (American Kingpin – great read!) and start my bullet journal.

To my amazement, I’m actually still keeping up with my bullet journal. So that post I promised may well actually happen.

The weather didn’t much improve whilst we were out there, but we still enjoyed a number of brisk walks along the beaches with the dogs. By brisk walks, I mean we were blown across the bitterly cold, but beautiful, beach.

Back to Guernsey 6

We had the pleasure of seeing in the new year with good wine, good cheese and good company. We played board games and were merry – what more can you ask for? It was this trip that I discovered that I actually love red wine and blue cheese – I’ve been living a lie prior to this trip. It’s true what they say about maturing tastebuds.

I’m not sure when we’ll be visiting Guernsey again but I always look forward to our trips. It is a beautiful place and I thoroughly enjoy spending time out there.

It’s the perfect place to hit the refresh button.

Heres to the next post, eh?!

Tom x