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August In Photos

















August is over already? How did that happen.

August was a big month for me, I turned 21 on the 19th (Add it to your calendar for next year) whilst I was away in Fuerteventura, its only this weekend that I am actually going to meet up with all my friends for a sort of celebration! At the beginning of the month I visited the Best Kept Secret Festival in London. I had won tickets to go the the event so I couldn’t turn it down (along with the tickets I won a months supply of Propercorn Popcorn too!). I only managed to get down to the festival for the Saturday and I wasn’t disappointed. There were some really great and incredibly talented acts performing, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. After the festival, I finally got a chance to go on a Boris Bike, even if Jack and myself did end up getting lost on them! The next few weeks of the month were spent working, writing a number of blog posts and sharing plenty of pictures from my previous blog posts. Just before I went away on holiday to Fuerteventura, I met up with my hugely talented friend Olly to record a music video – which I am still editing, but it shall be out soon! – which was great fun, and was a pleasure to hang out with Olly for a day! After that, I spent week in Fuerteventura with my Dad and little bro, which was absolutely ace. I spent a lot of time chilling out, lounging around the pool, but we also went on a trip around this island too – check out my post on that here. After getting back from my holiday, I was off to work for a couple of days and then I spent the few days of the month left preparing myself for graduation and New Zealand.

September is going to be an absolutely crazy month for me, and I am super super excited about it. Next week I graduate from University with a BA Hons in Film and Television production, and then three days later I fly off to New Zealand for a month of adventure. I am really excited for both (mainly New Zealand) and I am sure that I will have plenty to share with you guys, here on my blog. I hope you guys have a wicked September too, have you got any exciting plans?

Tom x

[All photos were taken on my iPhone 5 or my Canon EOS 450D, and edited with VSCOcam, After Light, and PS]