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The Biggest Payouts in Movie History

Aon | The Biggest Payout in Movie History

Aon | The Biggest Payout in Movie History

I am a huge movie fan, I work in the media industry, and am always interested to find out new snippets of information. Media Insurance company Aon, reached out to me to share this infographic with you about the biggest payouts in movie history. This is something slightly different from my usual content, but something I hope you appreciate and find as interesting as I did.

I’m not normally keen on sharing infographics, for the reason I said above, but this one caught my eye. Some of the payouts are mad, How much to superimpose somebody’s face on a double?! $3million for an injured knee?! It goes to show you the value of having insurance. Now with the productions that I work on, the payouts will never hit $3million (I hope!) but if one actors injured¬†knee can cause damages of that value, media insurance is a big YES from me.

If you work in the industry, be it as a freelancer, owner of a small production company, or if you’re producing huge budget films check out Aon (or email me, I’m happy to work on your huge budget film), they have a whole host of different packages specifically designed for the media industries needs.

Tom x

[This is a sponsored post, written in collaboration with Aon]