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I’m a creative guy. I blog, I make videos and I love to connect with people. Good coffee, film and television, marketing, fashion, design, travel and good food are all big winners in my books.

I graduated from the University of Lincoln in September 2014 with a BA Hons degree in Film and Television. Back in 2015, I founded a creative production company, Two Cubed Creative. In a world of storytellers, you’ve got to be creative to stand out. That’s where we come in. We’re the digital agency with a personal touch. We work with clients to produce the ultimate online content. From customer testimonials, social media content, video
production, web development and more.

I, along with running my business, work part-time for the Centre Supporting Voluntary Action, in Chelmsford, as their Communications Officer and have done for the past seven or so years.

I’m passionate about meeting & connecting with new people.

I occasionally write blog posts about topics that interest me, this and that, nothing too formal. I’ve had the privilege to work with a number of different companies on my blog. In every post, I will let you know if I have been sent a product for review. It’s wicked that companies send me stuff and I’m incredibly grateful for it, but if it sucks, I’ll tell you.