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A visit to Melford Hall

So, call us old fogies, but Lucy and I signed up to become members of the National Trust the other week. So far, best decision we have made. After watching Downton Abbey I couldn’t help but have the desire to go and snoop on some stately homes. Melford Hall was our first stop.

The lavish architecture and sheer wealth of these homes blows me away, although it makes me chuckle because these once luxurious elegant homes and now owned by the National Trust and not in the ownership of their once illustrious families.

“Melford Hall has a bit of a different story”

The Hyde-Parkers actually still live in part of the house. The family also still play a relatively important role in the community. Although the Hall is over five hundred years old on the outside, the interior tells a very different story.

Stories of fortunes gained and lost, illustrious visitors and catastrophic fires. A number of different families have habited the house, all with very different stories some quite intriguing. The Hyde-Parker family, with the National Trust have done a grand job of keeping the Hall open to the public. Keeping their stories alive and telling the tales of Melford Hall.

Beatrix Potter often frequented the house and was greatly inspired by the animals on the estate. Lucy loves her literature, so was thrilled to meet the ‘real life’ Jemima Puddleduck from the stories of her childhood.

This stately home visits will inevitably become a bit of a theme here. I’m really looking forward to sharing some more trips with you – it’s good to be back!

Tom x

[All photos were taken on my iPhone 6s and edited in VSCOcam]