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A Trip to Wales










A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to North Wales for my older brothers graduation. After a gruelling 6 and a bit hour car journey, my family and I arrived in Bangor, ready for the celebration of my brothers masters degree. The ceremony was, as most graduation ceremonies are, long and not very exciting – I mean how can calling 100+ peoples names out be made exciting? However, after the Dean of the university had shaken too many hands, we whizzed off to the hotel, where we were staying, to get changed for dinner. Just before we went off for dinner, we all went over to where my brother was staying to have some champagne and Krispy Kreme doughnuts – crucial graduation celebrations! I wrote another post about where we went for dinner, a place called Dylan’s on Anglesey, so check that out here. After a delicious meal, and an exhausting day, we headed back to the hotel for some well deserved sleep.

Surprisingly I was up at the crack of dawn making use of the hotels swimming pool – nothing like a bit of exercise to start the day, before we sat down to a delicious full english breakfast. Rather than heading straight back home, we decided to make the most of the decent weather that we were blessed with. We paid a visit to the beautiful pier that my brother used to live next to, and made a trip to Beaumaris on Anglesey where we visited a number of colourful little independent shops and had a stroll along the front for a cracking view of the mountains.

A couple of the pictures above show some of the items I was wearing over the two days we were in Wales. The gold Casio watch can be found here, and the Brogues can be found here.

Tom x

[All the photos were taken on my Canon EOS 450D, and edited with After Light on my iPhone]