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2017 so far, In Photos

Tom Gudgeon In Photos 1I thought I would revisit one of my blogs old series; In Photos. I really enjoyed throwing some images from the past month together and creating a narrative of the month in a post, so, I am brining it back. This first one is from New Years Day, Lucy was pretty wrecked, so was Lady..

Tom Gudgeon In Photos 2



Tom Gudgeon In Photos 3

Tom Gudgeon In Photos 4


Tom Gudgeon In Photos 5

Tom Gudgeon In Photos 6

Tom Gudgeon In Photos 7

Tom Gudgeon In Photos 8

Tom Gudgeon In Photos 9

Way back at the beginning of the year, Lucy and I went off to Guernsey for a few weeks, it was a rad break and lovely to spend some time with her family. You can read all about it over on the post I wrote about it. We went on tonnes of walks, some of which are documented above.

You’ll also spot a new logo in there, thats my businesses new name. We rebranded in March to Two Cubed Creative, we like it a lot. There’s a post all about it coming this week!

“..the coolest cactus”

Our beautiful white maine coon had to make the final cut, just look at her.

There is Lucy & I’s Stately Home Selfie, I think we may be on to a theme for our visits to lots of National Trust houses…I wrote about our visit to our first house as members of the National Trust, Melford Hall!

I was lucky enough to try Thomas & Evans No.1 too. A great booze-free summer drink that you’ve got to try. 

Lucy and I have got a bit of a cactus collection going on at the moment, we’ve introduced a couple of new varieties recently and the last picture is just that. It’s possibly the coolest cactus I have seen, the flowers are beautiful too!

Well, it’s been good to catch up through photos. Lots more content coming soon, stick around, leave a comment!

Tom x

[All photos taken from my Instagram]