Hi, my name is Tom Gudgeon. I’m a 20 year old student studying Film and Television Production at the University of Lincoln (currently in my last semester). I am an enthusiastic and avid media buff. My ambition is to play a role in the media industry, specifically focusing around television production (my specialist subject at university). I aspire to be a director or cinematographer, making stuff look pretty.

Over the past few years I have dedicated a lot of time to broadening my knowledge of the industry, becoming ever more interested and excited by the world of film and television production, and digital media. I am continuing to expand my knowledge in the industry through academia and seeking as much work experience as possible.

Please do get in contact with me.

I currently write for Magnate Magazine; a new mens magazine, distributed around some of Londons top offices, and available to purchase here. I also dable in website design, working for Centre Supporting Voluntary Action, in Chelmsford. Please feel free to have a look at my web work here.